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The jagged knife

of sunlight cutting across

the grooves of his hip.


Beside the swirling

fire, our shadows playing -

a darkened frenzy.


La Philie

Vintage Porcelain Dishes Crawling with Hand-Painted Ants, by German artist Evelyn Bracklow of La Philie

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A Thought on Haiku (By A Humble Haiku Master)



I would like briefly to discuss what seems to me a common and easily correctable fault that I often encounter among the many haiku that I read on Twitter, Google+ and here at WordPress. I appreciate the amateur, hobbyist nature of haiku; I am myself an amateur and a hobbyist. However, even amateurs wish to improve their craft, and I believe that addressing this one issue in composition would lead easily to more vivid and specific poems.

I have in mind what I will call the use of summary lines in haiku. These lines are always abstract, and seem to function as interpolated titles telling the reader in no uncertain terms what the poem is “about.” Take the following examples, which I’ve written to illustrate my point:

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my brother and I were trying to beat the sunset home

Beside the swirling

fire, our shadows playing -

a darkened frenzy.

"You’ve infected all of my dreams."

- This Needs to Stop, But I Don’t Want it To, probablyhavewritersblock (via probablyhavewritersblock)

frosted emerald

blades; blue lips exhaling

icy smoke