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Who is this “Have” person, and why do you want me to BE them so badly?

Gotta hand it to these artists for their hand in creating.

This engraving bugged me.

I’m so hungry for

you that I could eat six whole

pomegranate seeds

Remember back when
an extra life only cost
another quarter?

 “Hurt, agony, pain -

love it!” gracefully brushed on

my first birthday cake

I will actually pay to see Channing Tatum headbutt a mirror several times.

Street’s on fire.

Miles and miles to go before I sleep.



your hands
they shake like
colour by
the numbers
but these walls
will never hold
the red in our
pluck heart
strings like
mozart more
diction between
your teeth
there are
black holes
between my
fingers and they
swallow oceans
and your spit