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Tonight: Mamoru Oshii at the Tiff Lightbox theatre in Toronto, Ontario.

I was *this* close to the guy who made Ghost in the Shell.

Like a well oiled machine.

Like a well oiled machine.

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Falsified advertisements of optimism in the open chasm of the inevitable

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That feel when you shave your legs and wear long pants anyways.

you don’t

have to

have to

call to

call to




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My heart is parched

and I am drinking from the pool

of your memory

and I am

not crawling

farther from thirst,

only falling

closer to drowning.

Up the Cloudy Draw


The milk is always on the edge of delinquency
One day I will neglect to put it back in the fridge
I will wake up with a knife at my throat
A curdled stink stuck in my nose

Up the cloudy draw

I can hear the rats gnawing on the pipes
All the rats died in the Great Crawlspace Fight

you are a car bomb

on a road trip to nowhere

a scream in the void


There is a high pitched humming emanating

from your television, and it is drowning you

in anesthetic white noise,

and you decide that the only way to rescue yourself

is to close your ears like fists

or turn your fists into ears

cut them off with

broken windows that have broken

into this…