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paradoxes solved

in psych wards where voices ring

all waking hours

Jesus christ is it valentine’s day time to go out and get two huge bags of those spicy cinnamon hearts and then dissolve them in coke for cinnamon flavoured coke to wash down the loneliness oh god why no I’m just kidding going on a road trip later tonight with three other awesome people best valentine’s day ever

Madness is a sea in
and of itself
neural storm swallowing all breathing
and the shattering
of the grey matter into shards of ice

And happiness cannot stop
the frenzied whirring
whirring of a frosted heart,
it is not a port
al to (di)stillness of the soul;

the frozen boy Kai whispered “eternity” not to worship
happiness, but the furious piercing of tears
on skin tearing into
the frozen abyss of a splintered eye -
the warmth of a yearning blush sprung forth into
grasping, grasping so hot
it is like a fever,
is the only thing
that can last forever.

mermaids crush themselves

between icebergs, turn to sea -

foam; as light as souls

bubbles of laughter

swirl and burst in summer’s breath

sunshowers of joy

We slept as two silent commas,

one lover’s stasis curling

into the other,

waiting for the next word

to wake us up

to ourselves.

we are not the

polished statues we hide our

broken selves inside